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Hopper Dropper // Understanding How it Really Works

Posted by Joe Rotter on

I didn't understand how a dry/dropper or in this case a "Hopper Dropper" really worked. My nymphs were often too light, tippet too heavy, and I didn't know anything about how to slow my dry...

Boulder Slicks // How to Read Water in Trout Streams

Posted by Joe Rotter on

It's probably no "hot tip" that boulders are a good place to target when fishing a river, but do you know how to look for a slick?  Boulders break up the current and provide both...

Reading Trout Water // Secondary Seamlines

Posted by Joe Rotter on

I've personally found trout to be much easier to catch if I understand where they are holding and why. Many years ago I was guiding for steelhead in cold weather. I was a young guide with more...

Back Wide... Forward Tight. Fly Casting Tips

Posted by Joe Rotter on

As you begin to generate a longer, straighter, and more efficient cast you'll need to consider bringing the fly back alongside you, rather than up overhead. In a fly cast it's absolutely critical that we...

Crafting Loops, Knots, and Other Thoughts on Gear

Posted by Joe Rotter on

Most guides start out super poor and broke, needing to make the most out of every shred of gear, line, tippet, etc. Now I'm lucky enough to have access to new fly lines, tapered leaders,...