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FREE Fly Line on Rods $500+ // FREE Dacron Backing on All Reels // FREE Ground Shipping on Orders $75+
TIP OF THE WEEK:  Maximize Fishing with Friends

TIP OF THE WEEK: Maximize Fishing with Friends



There is a certain mystique to fishing alone on the river and having that time of solitude.  It's a form of meditation... good for the brain, good for the soul.  The flip-side to that coin is fishing with a partner or friends.  There is simply no better way to survey the water and find out quickly what is working.  Besides, when you have an amazing experience like catching... or hooking and losing that fish of a lifetime, you want someone there to share in that experience:-)

The Tip:  When you are out with other people fishing, it benefits everyone to work the same water with different flies and different set-ups. If you are nymphing, fish at different depths. If you can, we typically suggest spreading out on a fishing run and work from the bottom up. First person should work with the most subtle set-up(like a small dry), second person dry dropper or nymph set-up and if you have a third, this angler can throw the kitchen sink at em, the big streamer or whatever is the most intrusive set-up. Start the first person in at the bottom and the other of you can sit back and critique their fishing while you wait to step into the run 🤣. By doing this, you are covering all parts of the run with many different flies to see what’s working.  

Another way to maximize fishing partners is to use the same set-up and each person fishes different types of water... different speed and different depths.  I'd only suggest doing this if you are confident on what the trout are eating but need to find the water where they are feeding.

Lastly, enjoy the camaraderie on the water. Celebrate and encourage along the way. It’s much easier to get better when having a partner tell you what they are seeing in your fishing. Lose the ego and have them critique you. You will be better off for doing so!


When fishing with other anglers, use the divide and conquer approach by using different flies, different set-ups, different depths to find what is working best.  Once you find what is working, make the alteration and have at it!  



It's FULL-ON Spring friends!  The weather is warming and the birds are chirping.  We are seeing consistent dry fly activity most afternoons and we have a few hatches happening now.  Spring, with the whole season ahead of us, is the BEST time to sign-up for one of our tuition programs and truly learn how to be a self-guided angler.  Our University of Fly Fishing is the most unique, comprehensive fly fishing education available.    

Spring is a great time to learn a new technique.  Interested in learning how to Trout Spey or Euro nymph?  Our Intro and Fishalongs will get you dialed in! With current flows, now is a perfect time to float the Yakima in a personal watercraft!  You can learn how to best use a PWC in one of our PWC Fishalongs!  They are one of my favorite classes to teach!  

  • April 16th-19th     Boat Rowing Courses
  • April 21st              Fly Fishing 301
  • April 23rd              Intro and Euro Nymphing Fishalong
  • April 24th              Trout Spey Fishalong
  • April 26th              Yakima Fishalong
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