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Anglers target both Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass on flies on both lakes and rivers. While Largemouth are most commonly found in lakes, anglers will fish Smallmouth in rivers. Anglers should have bass flies that both float and sink. Poppers and unweighted flies fish well on the surface, and are especially exciting when a big bass explodes onto the surface eating it! It is also helpful to fish these flies where there is a lot of submerged weeds and structure. Regular snagging with a fly rod is very tedious and can be hard on the rod. Smallmouth can also be caught on Poppers but in rivers they tend to focus most of their feeding under the surface on baitfish patterns. Many fisherman use a sink tip line and lightly weighted flies in river. Be sure you get a selection of flies that offers a variety of weights. The speed of which you move the fly, and the depth you are fishing is very critical. Fly weight does affect this.