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Permit... ahhh the most sought after gamefish on earth. These critters swim the edges of the flats and are one of the most beautiful and strongest fighting fish in the world. They are also known to be very selective. They most often feed on crabs and having a good fly is important. They also feed on large shrimp as well. We do most of our Permit fishing in Ascension Bay, but we have fished the Florida Keys and Belize as well. In addition to having a GREAT fly the caster must place the fly very close to the fish... however this is tough! Permit are quite spooky and will turn tail at even the lightest splash sometimes. This challenge is multiplied by the fact that Permit feed on crabs on the bottom so your fly must be weighted. Most anglers like a 9 weight rod and a floating line, but we have caught many Permit on 8 weights. Both are good choices. Some guides insist that the fly must lay still and its up to the fish to recognize it and see it without any additional action other than the cast itself. Most guides however favor a long slow strip. Either way, stay calm, make the cast, and pray with everything you got that the fish eats your crab.