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Saltwater Tippet and Tapered LeadersMost saltwater species fall into 3 categories. Fish will have either soft mouths, toothy critters, are have a few sharp edges. Each requires a different leader or tippet. Bonefish for example have soft mouths, are finicky, and therefore require lighter leader and can be landed on light leader. Toothy Critters like Sharks and Barracuda generally require wire leaders. Other fish like Tarpon, Snook, and most Trevally have sharp edges around their gills or mouth and require some type of "shock" tippet to protect it against being severed. Each requires a slightly different set of tackle, but its ok we have you covered! Here are a couple of articles that have some great info on choosing leaders:Everything You Need to Know About Fly Fishing Ascension BayAll You Need to Know to Prepare and Pack for Fly Fishing Christmas Island