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Meet the Red's Fly Shop Staff

We are unapologetic about proclaiming the prowess and professionalism of our fly shop staff and guides. Between our shop staff and subcontractor guides we have approximately 30 team members. Their blend of ambition, competitiveness, kindness, fishing skill, work ethic, and patience are like no crew we've ever seen. Our staff is the ultimate team. This means teaching each other, sharing secret fly patterns, insider fishing reports, and helping our other guides on the river get into more fish.  

Red's has been at this for a long time and putting together a franchise like this was no accident. We look for talent, character, unique skills, and a strong sense of "customer first" attitude. We're here to serve the customer. That's our mission.

The Core Shop Staff

Steve Joyce - Managing Partner

Steve has been a partner at Red's Fly Shop since the early days when the property was a trailer park and campground, and the fly shop amounted to a display case on the front porch of Red and Marlene's old trailer.   Steve grew up in Billings and attended Carroll College in Helena, MT where he majored in mathematics and played football. He has been a fly fishing guide for over 25 years, and has guided and fished extensively in MT, WA, and many other spectacular locations around the world. Steve lives in Ellensburg with his wife, Natalie, their 3 kids, and a pack of English setters. In addition to working in the shop, he continues to guide fly fishing and bird hunting, and hosts numerous destination trips each year. He realized years ago that working in the fly fishing and recreation industry is not the most lucrative job in the world, but it's important to love your job and look forward to going to work everyday. Whether it's guiding one of our longtime friends or a brand new angler who has never fly rod, Steve has a knack for doing whatever it takes to make every day exciting and special.

Joe Rotter - Managing Partner

Joe is one of our partners and team leaders at Red's. He guides, hosts, travel, and coordinates many of the strategic operations at Red's involving e-commerce, worldwide travel, fly fishing classes, and more. He lives nearby in Ellensburg and has 3 wonderful kids and a smart wife. While not blogging or fishing, Joe might be in the mountains hiking, biking, backpacking, or hunting with his kids.

Bobby Miller - Shop Manager

Bob is our leader on the shop floor and runs the everyday business at it happens in real time. He was born in Minnesota and guided on several rivers in Alaska before he came to us through a reference from a friend. He was working for Cabela's at the time and was looking for something a bit more hands-on. He found it at Red's and is your go-to for large retail purchases. He has knowledge and prowess of all angling disciplines, and enjoys bird hunting with his Labrador Stella. 

Re Cornelius - General Manager

Re is our General Manager and does the impossible task of keeping the best inventory in the industry right here at Red's, ready to ship. He does the tough stuff like work in Microsoft Excel for days and weeks on end! He's a grinder and has to be in order to keep our inventory up to date with the latest, greatest, and best tackle and apparel. This might not sound like much, but in a business the size of ours things move fast and if they don't move it's a problem. Re's focus is on inventory and is a big part of the reason that Red's is a world leader in fly fishing retail.

Dallas Murrey - Guide and Travel Coordinator

Dallas has the challenging job of coordinating all of our guided adventures, travel adventures, university classes, and does anything he can to help out. Chances are if you do an adventure with Red's, Dallas is the guy matching you up with the right guide for the job and managing your worldwide travel reservation. Making sure everyone is exactly where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be there is a tough job. Dallas is up to the task.

Steve "Bogey" Bogardus - Order Fullfillment and Customer Service

We nicknamed him "Bogey" as there is just waayyy too much confusion with a couple of other Steves running around this place. Bogey came to us with experience in high order volume fullfillment and revolutionized the fluidity of our shipping systems. When you order today and your package arrives tomorrow... that's his work. He's made our order processing the best in fly fishing bar none. Bogey is a fishing fanatic and helps out by teaching a few courses and the occassional guided trip, but his primary function is helping Red's be the leader in worldwide fly fishing commerce.

The Red's Superstar Guide and Instructor Team

We have a diverse crew of guides that work as subcontractors that you may not get to meet on a daily basis. There are so many we would need an entire website dedicated to them! Not pictured in order; Shan. Leif, Noe, Eric D, Eric N, Mike, Camrin, Cam, Skyler, Beau, Jason, Burns, Josh, and several others combine to form the backbone of our guide team. These guys work long days, row hard, and exert tireless effort in order to satisfy our customers. Rest assured, if you are with Red's you're fishing with the winning team.