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Yakima River Fishing Report

Posted by Bobby Miller on

Yakima River Conditions and Report River Flow: 3,770  cfs Trending: Stable. Water Clarity: 3' - June green color. Real Time Flows at Umtanum (Near Red's Fly Shop) Current Fly Suggestions for the Yakima River  Hatches Upcoming and Current: Caddis #14-16...

Crafting Loops, Knots, and Other Thoughts on Gear

Posted by Joe Rotter on

Most guides start out super poor and broke, needing to make the most out of every shred of gear, line, tippet, etc. Now I'm lucky enough to have access to new fly lines, tapered leaders,...

Reading Trout Water and Fishing Color Changes

Posted by Joe Rotter on

You can't catch fish if they aren't there. Believe me, I have tried. Before I met a quality fly fishing mentor, I was constantly fishing in the wrong water. I was wondering how everyone else around...

The Ultimate Bass Worm and How to Fish It

Posted by Joe Rotter on

Why Bass don't get equal representation in the fly fishing world is beyond me. They are such an incredible game species, in fact they are the #1 game fish in America. With thousands upon thousands...

Tips and Flies for the Mother's Day Caddis Hatch

Posted by Joe Rotter on

The hatch is eminent. We are right on the cusp of seeing this hatch explode and as we impatiently wait for the bugs to pop, it's important to go into this spring with a little...