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Cold Water Trout Spey & OPST Groove Review

Posted by Joe Rotter on

Cold water typically means sluggish trout, but it doesn't have to mean sluggish fishing. Many mature trout will eat aggressively if the presention is right. The same aggressive jiggy style tactics used in warm water...

Yakima River Fishing Report

Posted by Josh Ziegler on

Yakima River Conditions and Report River Flow: +/- 1,700 cfs? Not sure exactly. Gauge is not functioning due to the glacial interference.  Trending: Slow Drop Water Clarity: 4' of Visibility Real Time Flows at Umtanum (Near Red's Fly...

My Favorite Strike Indicator Rig

Posted by Joe Rotter on

Hinged New Zealand Style Indicator Rig I have modified this rig over the years, but it's basically remained the same for the past 15. I'll take shortcuts to shave time sometimes while I'm rigging up...

A Passion For Bonefish

Posted by Joe Rotter on

I LOVE BONEFISH. They eat with tenacity, fight with the pugnacious tilt of a barroom boxer, and live in seductive locales rivaling the fictional beauty of Shangri-la. The hunt, the environment, and the thrill of casting...

Half Check Set for Light Takes and Cold Water

Posted by Joe Rotter on

Euro Nymphing Tip for Hook Setting This tip is harder than it appears. Anyone that has done much tight line nymphing has screwed this up. I still occassionally set the hook and wind up in...