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Beulah G2 Opal Saltwater Rod Review

Posted by Joe Rotter on

This is a review that I've been looking forward to sharing. Sometimes its the job of a small pro shop and online dealer like Red's is to locate new products and help customers discover opportunities...

Ascension Bay Trip Report // March, 2022

Posted by Bobby Miller on

Ascension Bay Trip Report  I have been working here at Reds for 6 years now, booking trips to Ascension Bay for other anglers, and chatting with folks about it for years. It felt like I...

Tarpon 101 // How to Fly Fish for Tarpon - The Basics

Posted by Joe Rotter on

Entire books, films, and likely someday a 10 season Netflix series will likely be produced on "How to Fly Fish for Tarpon".  That's a joke, but the point is that this topic has been well...

Snook 101 // How to Fly Fish for Snook

Posted by Joe Rotter on

Snook have been described as "wandering drunks" with a careless attitude in comparison to other species they share the flats with. They usually hit hard, act hungry, and jump, pull, and fight like crazy. You'll...

Barracuda 101 // How to Fly Fish for Barracuda

Posted by Joe Rotter on

My first experience with was mind blowing. I still remember the guide talking me into the fish that I couldn't see, and I literally said, "where is it from the log?"... His reply, "it IS...