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Beulah G2 Opal Saltwater Rod Review

Posted by Joe Rotter on
Beulah G2 Opal Saltwater Rod Review

This is a review that I've been looking forward to sharing. Sometimes its the job of a small pro shop and online dealer like Red's is to locate new products and help customers discover opportunities at quality gear. I've known about Beulah for a long time and had a few show up in boats here and there, but it wasn't until I fished their new saltwater G2 Opal "hands on" for a week in Baja that I became a big fan. I broke a rod tip of "Brand X" on day 1, so I grabbed a couple of Beulah's from James Shaughnessy (the owner of Beulah and the Roosterfish outfitter I was fishing with) and didn't look back. He had about 30 Beulahs with Tibor Reels setup outside his room so it was easy to grab one. At the time the Opal G2 hadn't been launched yet. These were among the first.

My fishing partner and I had (2) of my favorite top end rods in the boat and (2) Beulahs. A total of (4) rods, rigged and ready at all times.  After Day 2 we didn't touch anything but the 10 and 12 weight Beulahs. The are tough, light, and on the 10+ weights the unique grip makes them super easy to build initial line speed and distance.

Consider the Opal G2 if you are looking for a rod under $1,000 that is beautiful, tough, lite, and capable of blistering line speed. If you have $1,000 to spend and have a favorite rod company, by all means follow your heart there. Brand loyalty is very important. If you are neutral and want a serious saltwater rod then give this model serious consideration. We sell a lot of great rods but if this model speaks to you, buy with confidence. Awesome product.

While I will continue to use and test new gear on every trip. I have the 8,9,10,11, and 12 weight models which will be going on ALL of the Red's hosted saltwater trips in 2023. Guests traveling with us will be able to test cast and fish any rod weight.

Best Fly Rod For Roosterfish

If you are looking for a rod you can trust for big, tough, high stakes species then this rod should get consideration. They have lifting power and a reputation for being built to outlast tough critters like Roosterfish and other pelagic species.

Beulah Opal G2 Saltwater Rod Review


  • Price. At $750 this IMO is among the best value.
  • Durability. These were designed and tested fighting some of the toughest and hardest fighting fish in the sea. I asked every guide at Bahia De Los Suenos about the durability of these rods... every one said "James rods don't break".  They said this in broken spanglish, but I got the message. Tough rods.
  • Nice to look at. Glossy finish, beautiful cork enlays.
  • Forcegrip on the 10+ weights. You may not think much of it gazing at the internet, but in the boat it will get used. Trust me I thought the same thing.
  • Extremely powerful. These rods are best suited for strong casters, but as soon as you jump to the #10 you can choke up on the grip and it really makes the rod load easy. 
  • Titanium guides. Even stainless tends to rust, these will not.
  • Graphene resin. Super strong, crazy light.
  • Warranty. $65 and you get help FAST. They don't need to stop everything and build you a new tip. Replacement tips are in stock, ready to fix you up fast.


  • The tube isn't the classy aluminum style you'll get with $1,000 rods.
  • It is built in South Korea, designed in the PNW and Baja but built overseas.
  • The boys at the Polo club might not be familiar with this model, but the guides in Baja are extremely familiar.

The Longest Rod Review Video Ever

Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth - Infinity


Beulah Opal G2 Salt Line Recommendations:

8 Weight Opal G2 Saltwater Rod

8 Weight In shore species like Bonefish, Snook, Baby Tarpon, Redfish, light Stripers, and small reef fish. Really an easy casting ultra light rod. We have a couple of different line rec's for varying caster types.

SA Grand Slam (Amplitude or Smooth) - Best floating line for ease of casting or large flies at close range. Good match for Bonefish anglers that are new to casting fast action saltwater rods. It is a very smooth match. #1 floating line for all around fishing.

SA Infinity Saltwater (Amplitude or Smooth) - This line has a lighter, longer taper which is good match on the Beulah for reaching out and delicately putting a fly right in front of a Bonefish but still has enough body to pitch a weighted crab or clouser type fly. Advanced casters will really see the raw performance come out of this rod with this line. For less capable casters, go with the Grand Slam line.

RIO Tropical Outbound Short - Striper fisherman or anyone that needs to blast out big flies, quickly, with minimal false casts will like this line. It's terrible for precision work, but really excels for shooting lots of line fast.  

9 Weight - A really good "Grand Slam" rod for working Permit, Baby Tarpon, Snook, and light in shore species. Great for Redfish or light coastal reef fish. This rod is still in the "fine casting" arena, with a very nice feel for false casting and delivering delicate shots.

We don't like a Bonefish taper on this rod, but really like the SA Grand Slam or the RIO Outbound Short in any of the floating or sinking configurations.

10-12 Weight Opal G2 Saltwater Rods

10 Weight - Our best seller. There is a jump in action and strength from the 9 to the 10 weight here.  A #10 needs to be a strong, tough, and highly capable rod as you just never know what you might hook up with when prowling with a #10. This rod has roots on the East Cape of Baja and was designed while wrestling with 60+ pound Roosterfish. It's tough, fast, and very capable of blasting a bunch of line out fast.

It's very popular with anglers looking for a rod that is capable of making a very quick cast at various ranges. It's typically not our first choice for a Permit rod as it isn't as delicate as some others, but for open water fish like GT's, Roosters, and mixed size Tarpon we really love this rod.

RIO Tropical Outbound Short - We love the Intermediate Sinking head on this rod, it's just absolutely gets SENT.  

SA Grand Slam - Best line for mixed use, Tarpon, Permit, winter Redfish, and other tough customers that succumb to flies on a floating line.

11 Weight - These go to the Seychelles, Christmas Island, Baja, and of course the Everglades for big spring Tarpon. A nice blend of casting and fish fighting performance. When a 12 feels like too much, but you want some insurance when fighting big nasty fish this rod fits nicely.

RIO Tropical Outbound Short - We love the Intermediate Sinking head on this rod, it's just absolutely gets SENT.  The fast sinking models also play well depending on species.

SA Grand Slam - Best line for Tarpon.

RIO GT Line - Tough core and designed for big flies, big GT's.

RIO Leviathan 400 Grain - Fast sinking line for Tuna, Roosterfish (nice to have an option), small Sailfish, and Dorado.

12 Weight - Dedicated big fish rod. Tuna, GT's, Roosterfish, Marlin, Sailfish, Sharks, and the biggest Tarpon. It's rod you can trust. 

RIO Tropical Outbound Short - We love the Intermediate Sinking head on this rod, it's just absolutely gets SENT.  The fast sinking models also play well depending on species.

SA Grand Slam - Best line for Tarpon.

RIO Leviathan 500 Grain - Fast sinking line for Tuna, Roosterfish (nice to have an option), small Sailfish, and Dorado. 

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