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Redfish are resourceful and feed on a variety of crabs, shrimp, and baitfish.  This small collection are the top flies for Redfish that we have found.  Winter Redfish are often larger, especially Bull Redfish, and typically are fished with flies in the 1/0 - 2/0 size range.  While these large flies are still useful to have during the summer, smaller Redfish are more common at this time and are best fished with crabs and shrimp in the #4 - #1/0 size range.  Make sure to have a few colors, weights, and sizes to best match the often varying water conditions.  Redfish will often feed in murky water and having the most visible color is critical.  While surface patterns are not often used, it's important to have at least one popper or surface pattern for searching when visibility is challenging.  The wake or sound of a popper can sometimes be effective.