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FREE Fly Line on Rods $500+ // Just Add Both to Cart and Your Fly Line is FREE!
FREE Fly Line on Rods $500+ // Just Add Both to Cart and Your Fly Line is FREE!




DECEMBER 3-10, 2024

DECEMBER 3-10, 2024

Join Shop Manager Bob on this epic adventure! Our hosted trips are fun, educational, and extremely well organized from pre-trip planning all the way to guide rotations and mentoring upon arrival. Bobby will do a super job and make this trip the best it can possibly be!




Shop Testimonials

So, when I ordered those streamers, they were supposed to arrive Monday July 8th. Well, I just got them today, Friday July 5th. That is some fast delivery! I ordered some Texas rigid style worms. They look like they are made with quality and I’m sure these Tennessee and Alabama bass will be hammering these streamers. Thank you so much. Feel free to use as a testimonial. 

James P.

A took a friend on a float with Steve Burns last Saturday. This was his first trip with Red's and my 4th with Steve. The first time Steve guided me in 2020, he had just been hired. Fishing was tough, but he put in the work and got me on some decent fish. I had a blast. Another time I was out, the fishing was even worse. I only hooked three, but they were all huge and I landed them all, thanks to some fighting instruction from the aforementioned guide. Bonus, each was on a different technique, nymph, dry, and streamer. It was one of the best fishing days I've ever had...

Bryce C.


Rich and I had an excellent float with your guide Ashtyn! Expert on the oars and very knowledgeable about all nuances of the Yakima River. She taught me a lot and let me take the oars for a valuable training session. Great gal!!

Theresa M.

I love the quality of your flies and prompt service! And the small fly box containers, that you send them in as a very nice touch.  I've been impressed with your business!


I meant to thank you for your fast and efficient handling of my order.  Your email was lost under the mountain of emails filling up my inbox this month.  The 3-pack reels were delivered quickly and arrived in perfect condition.  Finding all the spools loaded with backing was pretty nice.  Just wanted you to know I noticed that.  Very classy!

W. Storm

It’s a helpful voice on the other end of the line..,it’s Bob who I can text back and forth with on the website when I have questions…it’s the incredibly fast turnaround time..I could go on… Trust me, you’ve got me as a customer for the rest of my fishing days. Btw, keep up the great videos, Joe! You’ve got me hooked (pardon the pun)!

John H.

I was visiting from out of state (CO) and I booked a last minute trip since I follow your shop on the gram!I had a great day with Curtis and the world's best boat dog Ryder! I appreciate that Curtis took time to work on me properly mending. I have been on many floats with other outfitters and he really wanted me to have this dialed in! Mending is my weakness and he did a great job correcting my bad habits!Hoping to hit up a destination trip with yall in the future! Thank you!

Kaylee P.

Shannon, Thank you and Shelly for an awesome day yesterday! By far one of the best birthdays I’ve had in years! I had so much fun and couldn’t imagine a better way to spend the last day in my 30s. Makenzie and I had so much fun on the drive over and the drive home and we talked and laughed and shared how much fun we had with you amazing and influential women!! Thank you for being another strong, independent, bad ass woman my daughter can look up to!


Fastest shipping in the business. Hands down. I got into fly fishing about 2 years ago and can't seem to keep my hands off new gear! I order something or other about every 2 weeks and Red's is at least twice as fast as most of the other shops I've ordered from. Orders have been accurate, fast, and absolutely spot on. Totally exceeds my expectations every time.

Jonathan Nearman

“100% satisfied. I've placed over a dozen orders and finally decided to write a review. Every experience was perfect, and twice I've called in on the phone and modifed my order in minutes. It's rare in today's day and age to call, get an answer from a person the first ring, and then actually get customer service! I love Red's!”

Russ Jarvis

I want to give Red’s a shout out as a top notch organization. I have been fishing the Yakima for many years - even when Red’s was just a trailer parked near the river! The place has certainly morphed over the years, yet has maintained excellent customer service without the pompous attitude many modern fly shops have. When in the shop, I am always treated respectfully... cont'd

Dan Davey

"It’s thoroughly refreshing to get such a personal touch. I emailed Steve in their shipping department and cancelled part of my order. He was so kind and understanding I had to share! I look forward to any opportunity to share what a patient and friendly staff works at Red's. Super nice and extremely customer oriented."

Linda Garmin

This was our first experience with Red’s and had a great experience. My son is a passionate fly fishing teen really want to take advantage of these precious years to create memories with him. Curtis was our guide and had a great experience with him.

Sandy C.

Got an email asking for a quick rating on our trip on 5/11.
To be honest, our half day float with Shan exceeded our expectations. We went into it thinking we would get a fish or two and leave with gained knowledge. Well we did a lot better than that and came away with our ( myself and son in-law) fly fishing knowledge base a lot broader... cont'd.

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Our team is friendly, never pushy,and is delighted to talk you through any questions you have voice to voice. Dial (509) 933-2300

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