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Yakima River Fishing Report

Posted by Josh Ziegler on
Yakima River Fishing Report

Yakima River Conditions and Report

River Flow: +/- 1,700 cfs? Not sure exactly. Gauge is not functioning due to the glacial interference. 

Trending: Slow Drop

Water Clarity: 4' of Visibility

After weeks of frozen temps and an equally frozen river, it appears we have a  stretch of weather conducive to bent rods and heavy nets. I'm not a skier, so the reprieve from tying flies and caffeine consumption is needed--I'm also somewhat  suspicious that my lovely wife is growing agitated with my daily attire of sweatpants and new-found sloth. So with a week consistently hovering in the mid-30s to 40s, it's time to slip a pair of waders over those lazy-man britches and shutter the winter rust. 
The river is open from Ringer to Lluma and floatable. I would make note that the Yakima has been devoid of boats as of late, and as such these fish have experienced minimal pressure; couple this fact with favorable water temperatures sure to boost trout metabolism, and we have a recipe for a (potentially) banner week on the Yakima. One caveat: this upcoming stretch of warmer days could prompt a swell in flows and subsequent cloudy water. Depending on flow/clarity, it will still be fishable despite poor water clarity (if this happens, fish seams, current breaks, and anywhere offering a pocket of shelter from the push of dirt and hastened flow). That said, if the Yak starts puking mud, well, then it's back to the vice, coffee, and elastic waisted pants for me.
The majority of ramps are open from Ringer to Lluma, but a tow strap, shovel, and a few buddies are a good idea if you decide to take out at ramps such as Lluma. Big Horn and Reds are frequently plowed and wide open. And while Mile Marker 19 and 20 are not plowed, it is possible to turn the hard boat into a toboggan and shoot down the ramp. If you're planning to go at it on foot, be careful of ice shelves releasing from the bank and always keep an eye upstream for frozen projectiles headed your direction. This may seem like a semi-paranoid warning, but a few years ago an ice shelf nearly took me to Blue Bayou.
Worms and stoneflies are still the ticket. More to come as the week progresses. Be safe and stay warm. 

Vehicle Shuttle Service

We move cars, not bodies. Just choose your float, leave us a key and we will valet your rig from launch point to take-out. 

River Flow Links

Yakima River Flow Prediction Chart

While the chart is only a "prediction", it is based on historical data, weather forecasts, current weather, current snow-pack etc. You can use this to get a rough idea of how the river is going to react to predicted rainfall, run-off, etc.

Yakima River Flow Prediction Chart at Umtanum

Yakima Water Temperatures

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  • John Anderson on

    Dang… Looks like the only fishing I’ll be doing is ice fishing. Thanks for the update.

  • Joe Rotter on

    You bet we are, we are using this new page and format and it makes it MUCH easier for us to stay current.

  • Gerald dell on

    I like watching these fishing reports every week and will you do this during the summer.

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