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Double Threat Skagit System for Euro Nymphing Rods

Posted by Joe Rotter on

Lately I'm guiding less, fishing a bit more, and really trying to stay "real" on what it's like to be a DIY angler out there battling public water, smart trout, and fishing the same water...

RIO Technical Euro Nymph with T & T 10'9" 2 Weight Contact II Rod // Product Reviews

Posted by Joe Rotter on

I recently picked up the new T & T Contact II 10'9" 2 Weight rod. I have been primarily using the 10' 2 Weight and the 10'9" 3 weight but couldn't resist having a longer...

Double Nymph Rigs // Emphasis on Euro Nymphing Setups

Posted by Joe Rotter on

We all hate tangles. More flies... more problems is often how the story goes.  As much as I personally love the simplicity of a single nymph, there are times when success pivots on using a...

Single Fly Jig Rigs // Euro Nymphing Tips

Posted by Joe Rotter on

I've seen too many anglers wasting time and utterly confused when it comes to setting up (2) fly rigs with Euro rods. If you feel like time is passing you by when on the river...

G Loomis IMX PROe // Euro Nymph Rod Review

Posted by Joe Rotter on

G Loomis IMX PROe Euro Nymph Rod Review A very nice rod, especially for a Loomis design and build at $575 (current pricing).  The IMX PRO family from Loomis has been incredibly popular, and the...