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Half Check Set for Light Takes and Cold Water

Posted by Joe Rotter on

Euro Nymphing Tip for Hook Setting This tip is harder than it appears. Anyone that has done much tight line nymphing has screwed this up. I still occassionally set the hook and wind up in...

How to Build a Euro Style Nymphing Outfit

Posted by Joe Rotter on

Watch the Video as you browse the Outfit Builder, but your selection process should funnel through the following steps. You can also skip straight to the Euro Style Nymphing Rods and work from there as...

Euro Nymphing Tip for Swift Pocket Water

Posted by Joe Rotter on

Fishing pocket water on a hot summer day is big fun! Being in the water, wet, cool, and hooked up is about as much fun as an angler can have. If you are just learning...

DIY Euro Leader // Complete Buildout with Video

Posted by Joe Rotter on

You can easily do better than a factory tied Euro Nymphing Leader. While these are a fine start as you are dipping into the sport, haha, it's easy to build a leader that is more...

Cross Leading Larger Flies // TJ Hooker Nymph Streamer Hybrid Fly

Posted by Joe Rotter on

Last week we reviewed "What Big River Trout Actually Eat" with a video featuring crawfish, stonefly nymphs, and sculpin.  This week we want to teach you a really great way to imitate these critters that live on...