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The Dip Tip. Euro Nymphing Advice.

Posted by Joe Rotter on
The Dip Tip. Euro Nymphing Advice.

If you are Dippin' you ain't Fishin'. Plain and simple. We're not talking Copenhagen here, we're talking about a proper "dip" in your ESN presentation. It's a critical step and so many anglers simply don't get it! It makes me want to pull my hair out. The Dip is a very strategic, very surgical step. While this video will help emphasize the critical layers, let's reinforce it with some good old fashioned bullet points.

Be a Good Dipper

  • Lift, DIP, Lead. If you are learning to develop a good foundation follow these steps. Each is important but you can't do one without the other! A Lead won't work or make sense without a proper Dip.
  • The Dip is a way for you to measure your way to the bottom
  • The Dip can't be done too fast, this is critical. You must remain connected to your flies. If you dip too fast... one of several things happens.
    • 1. Your slack leader is swept forward by the current and your fly(s) begin to race downstream as they are pulled by your runaway tippet.
    • 2. Your fly falls to the bottom before you recognize it and begin to lead. Now you are either snagged, setting the hook falsely, or as you begin to lead your rod tip loads up and jerks the fly downstream too fast (which often goes unnoticed by novice anglers and your entire presentation is now shot!)

Euro Nymphing Setup in This Video

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