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FREE Fly Line on Rods $500+ // FREE Dacron Backing on All Reels // FREE Ground Shipping on Orders $75+
FREE Fly Line on Rods $500+ // FREE Dacron Backing on All Reels // FREE Ground Shipping on Orders $75+
How to Build a Euro Style Nymphing Outfit

How to Build a Euro Style Nymphing Outfit

Watch the Video as you browse the Outfit Builder, but your selection process should funnel through the following steps. You can also skip straight to the Euro Style Nymphing Rods and work from there as well.

1. Choose rod length - the video offers more, but 10' is the "starting point" for Euro style nymphing rods. It is probably the best seller and definitely the best for small to mid-sized streams. 10'6" is a great tool for anglers that enjoy big western rivers and need the reach, but still appreciate the accuracy and control of a 10' rod. Beyond that, 11' + is great for anglers exclusively fishing larger pools and more open water where reach and range is essential. Accuracy and agility begins to wane. If in doubt, go on the shorter side.

2. Choose rod weight - 2 weight rods are GREAT, for small water and smaller trout (sub 18") although you can certainly land some fish larger than that. The touch, feel, and casting accuracy of these ultralight rods is exceptional. They are a big more fragile however, which is why the 3 weight rods are more popular. Anglers focused trophy trout and/or using large stonefly nymphs and streamers should consider a #4. No 5 weights for trout in the ESN game.

3. Choose your favorite brand - start with a favorite rod builder if you have one. Trust and loyalty should be a consideration on a big purchase like this. If you don't have a favorite, go straight toward a price point that makes sense for you. In our Outfit Builder you can sort by price after choosing rod length and weight. Makes it really easy!  

4. Budget - yuck. We have to talk about budget?! Yes unfortunately budgets are real and not everyone will get to fish the crisp, sensitive, and responsive feel of the finest T & T or Sage rods. That's ok though! While the top end rods are no doubt "better", you can still kick ass on a budget. Our rods start at $300 which is kind of the entry point for a GOOD euro rod. They need to be light, long, sensitive and not too fragile. The bottom line is buy the BEST rod you can muster. You will never regret it.

5. Choose a Reel - this is easier. You can go with a full frame, purpose built ESN reel and that is ultimately the best. These have adjustable weights to help you fine tune your balance. It isn't essential however. You can use a nice large arbor 5 weight sized trout reel and it balances pretty well. Lacking a full frame design however, a long mono-rig leader often gets pulled through or stuck between the reel and the spool.

6. Choose a Line - There are a few euro line options here, outlined well in the above video. The big choice is whether you want to run "shorty" style line on the end of a traditional fly line or use a dedicated euro style line. Most anglers serious about getting the best possible presentation will use a euro specific fly line.

7. Leaders and Accessories - There are a handful of small tackle items to procure for a proper setup.

Euro Nymphing Rods

Euro Nymphing Reels

Euro Nymphing Fly Lines

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Euro Leaders and Small Tackle

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