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FREE Fly Line on Rods $500+ // FREE Dacron Backing on All Reels // FREE Ground Shipping on Orders $75+
G Loomis IMX PROe // Euro Nymph Rod Review

G Loomis IMX PROe // Euro Nymph Rod Review

G Loomis IMX PROe Euro Nymph Rod Review

A very nice rod, especially for a Loomis design and build at $575 (current pricing).  The IMX PRO family from Loomis has been incredibly popular, and the IMX PRO Short Spey 11'11" 3 weight trout spey has been one of our best selling rods of all time. We love it, trust it, and the entire lineup of IMX rods has proven themselves to be reliable and customer feedback is extremely positive.

We love to see a good value in a domestic product and Loomis really did an outstanding job of delivering a good looking, good fishing, purpose built rod for sub $600. I won't go nuts and tell you things like, "this is a $1,000 caliber rod for $575!!!".  It's not a T and T or a Sage ESN. It is however an absolutely kick-ass rod for the money.

I started fishing this rod on and off during the pandemic, and it was painful trying to get enough inventory to start posting reviews and getting it in the mainline of our YouTube channel and media.  We just couldn't get rods fast enough.  Loomis had a tough time meeting demand, so we need to get our hands on some more rods before posting about this.


  • Fighting butt on the 2 weight.  I really like having that on rods with a downlocking reel seat. 
  • Nice looking rod overall on the blank color and finish.
  • Tight cork.
  • Exposed blank above the grip for fingertip placement.
  • Reliable. We have not heard of nor seen a high rate of breakage.
  • Good touch, especially on the #2. 


  • Availability.  These rods have been and are still tough to get.
  • Plain reel seat. Yes we know this rod is $575 so that fancy shmancy wood option is probably out. Just sayin'.
  • The 3 weight is not the best casting dry fly rod (if you see this as a con). The 2 weight is much better if you plan to use it dual purpose.  
  • Cordura Tube - yea yea, the more expensive rods have aluminum.  Again, just sayin'.


2 Weight vs. 3 Weight Models of the IMX PROe Euro Nymph Rods

I started out using the 3 weight and really liked it for my stonefly nymphs, small streamers, and the extra 6" of reach. Recently I've been field testing the 10' 2 weight and absolutely LOVE the sensitivity and control of this rod. It has a much finer and more sensitive feel to it. I really have great control on light line and perdigon style nymphs with the #2.

What I found however is that the #2 will cast all the big stuff just fine, no issues there, but the tip doesn't seem to like coaxing larger flies along the bottom and has trouble keeping them moving. I think it might be a testament to how sensitive and light that rod really is!  To me, if you are fishing small to mid-sized water and focus primarily on light nymphs #10 and smaller most of the time - the #2 is tough to beat.  If you live out west and want to agitate stonefly nymphs, crawfish, and little sculpin jigs across the bottom... the 3 weight is a better fit. Hope this helps!

IMX PRO Euro Setup with Reel

I ran my Sage ESN Reel with the heaviest weights in the back on the 10' 2 weight and it was a bit heavy, but just about right on the 10'6" 3 weight. On the #3 you'll definitely want a reel with some mass. On the #2 most of the 5+ style reels off of your 5 weight will suffice and balance fine.  Think large arbor.  Ultimately a reel that is purpose built for ESN rods is best.

We sell a complete "Ready to Fish" Setup at Red's if you want to make purchasing this outfit easy - click through and check it out!

G Loomis IMX PROe Euro Nymph Rod // Complete Reel, Line, and Leader Setup




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Kevin Cunniffe - March 11, 2024

Looking for a g loomis 10’ 3 weight nymph rod,reel,line set up

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