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FREE Fly Line on Rods $500+ // FREE Dacron Backing on All Reels // FREE Ground Shipping on Orders $75+
Single Fly Jig Rigs // Euro Nymphing Tips

Single Fly Jig Rigs // Euro Nymphing Tips

I've seen too many anglers wasting time and utterly confused when it comes to setting up (2) fly rigs with Euro rods. If you feel like time is passing you by when on the river with your Euro rod, simplify. Fish one fly. Get good at the casting, making contact with the bottom, reading your sighter, and so on. To get reps, you can't be tangled up or broken off.

I would strongly encourage you to simplify and move to a one fly setup in order to simply enjoy the act of fishing. Even if it means you don't catch as many fish. Get the reps, build skills, fish one fly, and learn to move that fly around the river with accuracy, grace, and efficiency.

Rods should be a 3 weight+ for best success on fishing a single fly. Due to the heavy wire hooks you will need to be fairly aggressive setting the hook, whereas a fine wire little hook will penetrate with much less effort. Be ready to pin the the trout fairly aggressively upon feeling or sensing the grab.


  • Simple setup (less knots)
  • More Reps in the Water
  • Shortens the learning curve
  • Fish tighter to brush and logs
  • Less snags on the bottom
  • Cleaner presentation for the primary fly
  • Options to twitch, move, jig, and streamer fish your fly (assuming it's appropriate for such action)
  • You can use heavier tippet with big heavy flies (knots and handles easier)


  • You will miss some fish (due to heavy wire hooks)
  • One fly, less menu options
  • One big fly typically requires more movement by the angler to cover water (small flies allow you to surgically dissect a smaller piece of water)
  • Less effective in small water or waters that don't have stonefly populations.


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Joe Rotter - August 16, 2022

Thanks David, and good on ya for just keeping it simple. Sometimes I too just need a break from fine tippet and lots of knots.

David Frawley - August 15, 2022

awesome info and thanks. just learning this style and last trip I got sick of retying and just tied a single brown mop fly on and it was game on. Excited to keep learning. simple just makes more sense to me when finding the bottom and right speed.

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