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Thomas and Thomas Paradigm // Rod Review and Dry Fly Casting Tips

Posted by Joe Rotter on

The Paradigm is said to be "The Ultimate Presentation Rod" and of course since its a T & T, "The Rod You Will Eventually Own".  It comes in 3-6 weight with a nice medium action...

Top Ten Tips for the Skwala Stonefly Hatch

Posted by Joe Rotter on

Ten Skwala Stonefly Fishing Tips The first thing to keep in mind is that the water is still cold.  Adult Skwalas don't start to hatch until the water hits about 42 degrees although we have...

Lessons From Beetle Fishing in Patagonia // Video Series

Posted by Joe Rotter on

I learned a bunch of things here on my last trip that I think can be employed back home on our home waters. The things you get to see in Patagonia are simply incredible, but...

Generate More Strikes on Dry Flies

Posted by Joe Rotter on

Generate More Strikes by Twitching and Skating Your Dry Fly One thing that makes fly fishing so intriguing is that YOU are in control of generating your own action. If you enjoy being at the...

Learn to Skip Cast with an Intentional Tailing Loop

Posted by Joe Rotter on

I sincerely hope a few of you READ this short article in addition to the video. Learning this cast is harder than it looks, apologetically I often take for granted how tough it actually is...