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FREE Fly Line on Rods $500+ // FREE Dacron Backing on All Reels // FREE Ground Shipping on Orders $75+
Thomas and Thomas Paradigm // Rod Review and Dry Fly Casting Tips

Thomas and Thomas Paradigm // Rod Review and Dry Fly Casting Tips

The Paradigm is said to be "The Ultimate Presentation Rod" and of course since its a T & T, "The Rod You Will Eventually Own".  It comes in 3-6 weight with a nice medium action perfect for accurate, delicate, dry fly presentations.

This rod was a sleeper until we kept hearing customers raving about how much they love these rods. Tough to ignore them.  Of course we gave them a quick field test before electing to order stock for the shop and warehouse, but never really gave them a close enough look. When we talk about T &T rods here, it's always about the Contact II Euro Nymphing Rod, which is our best seller, and the Sextant which is a varsity salt rod. The Paradigm is a dry fly rod with a focus on accurate presentations.

A fine rod is a rod that you can love. You’ve really accomplished something when you make a rod that is the one that people want to reach for before all others.” - Tom Dorsey


Fly Line Pairings for the T & T Paradigm

There are a variety of lines that would match fine, but when we test casted these with the SA Amplitude series, we loved them.


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5 Models to Choose From:

8'2" - 3 Weight. Small creeks, spring creeks, and dry fly oriented situations at 15-35' is where this rod excels.  It mends and roll casts extremely well during the "short game". 

Line Match:  SA Amplitude Smooth Creek Line 

8'4" - 4 Weight. Large creeks, mid sized rivers, small hoppers, even a hopper/dropper will get a free ride to 40' or so. This rod is the most accurate in the family at 25'. It lacks reagch, so if you are on big water bump up to 9'.  

Line Match: SA Amplitude Smooth Trout

9' - 4 Weight. Best seller. Big creeks to big rivers, light lake work. This is the most popular rod in the lineup and perfect for anglers that focus on fishing dry flies at sub 45'.

Line Match: SA Amplitude Smooth Trout

9' - 5 Weight. Mid sized to big water. Great for dry flies with a bit of wind, hoppers, or a #16 Caddis when a bit more range is required. Light indicators, streamers, and hopper droppers are no problem.

Line Match: SA Amplitude Smooth Trout

9' - 6 Weight. A fabulous rod where some larger flies might be required, but you still like a rod that is easy casting, full of soul. If driving and indicator rig, it mends, feeds, and does all the "fishy" stuff that a faster rod isn't capable of.

Line Match: SA Amplitude Smooth Trout

Detailed Features of the T & T Paradigm:

  • Lightweight Titanium finish Single Foot REC guides
  • Matte Titanium finish roll-stamped hardware
  • USA sourced Bird's Eye Maple spacers
  • Beautiful new semi-gloss blue surface finish
  • Hand-written logo, serial numbers, and additional visual accents
  • Ultra-light rods with smooth, medium flex action for exceptional presentations.

Video Review and Dry Fly Casting Tips

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Bertie Veilleux - September 29, 2022

My pal Dennis owns one of these 4weight T&T rods. I had opportunity to land several lake trout while fishing with Dennis in B.C. last spring. I was surprised at how fabulous this light rod performed.

Rockyfordmike - September 20, 2022

Your tips on grip position was great! I went out and tried it on my old Sage X, and it made a huge difference in casting length when back on the reel, and presentation when forward on the grip. It totally changes the load on the rod.

Jim Maus - September 7, 2022

I love T&T Rods!

David - September 7, 2022

Great video and love T& T rods

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