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FREE Fly Line on Rods $500+ // FREE Backing on All Fly Reels // FREE Ground Shipping on Orders $75+



Fall on the Yakima is absolutely stunning! September and October are quite possibly THE BEST two months of the year to fish. Learning to fly fish and just getting out on the water even if you know a little, can be intimidating.  We are here to build your confidence.  Our whole course catalog is available in the Fall. Wanna learn to skate some dry flies on the Yakima? We got you covered with the Yakima Fishalong. Wanna hit up a smaller mountain stream? Sign up for one of our Tributary Fishalongs. Wanna swing up some large trout on a streamer? Our Trout Spey Intro and Fishalong will have you at it! Perhaps you wanna learn how to tightline nymph for those pesky trout that won't eat on top? Our Euro nymphing Fishalong will get you dialed in! Wanna learn how to float the Yakima in a personal watercraft?  Well... you get the picture.  



  • September 9th - Fly Fishing 101/201
  • September 10th - Women's Intro to Fly Fishing 
  • September 12th - Intro to Euro nymphing and/or Euro nymphing Fishalong
  • September 13th - Intro to Trout Spey and/or Trout Spey Fishalong
  • September 16th - Women's Divide and Conquer

Skate or Die!

It’s officially Fall and that means it’s time to start skating those flies. Crane flies and October Caddis get most of the love when we talk about skating but I would argue that every big dry fly on the water(and Caddis) skates, bounces or skitters… minus the Skwala Stone as it’s a colder water big bug. 

Ever wondered why you often get a hit when you are looking away or messing with your gear while drifting a fly?  It's like the fish know!  Actually, it's probably because you are moving your fly around without knowing it.  It’s one of those “know the rules so you know when to break them” things. A dead drift is good but when it comes to big summer and fall bugs only dead bugs dead drift. And trout prefer bugs that are alive 

The tip is to cast your flies slightly down stream with a reach mend and give the flies an upstream skate for a couple feet followed by a 5ft dead drift. The skate will attract hits and serve as a mend but the fish will pounce once the fly pauses and drifts down river.  It is important that you skate flies up river as this is how most bugs migrate and move.  This whole strategy is much like swinging a streamer and stripping it a few times during the swing.. if that helps ;-)


Fishing in the Fall is a great time to skate your dry flies.  Crane flies and October Caddis are the lead off and clean-up hitters.  However, you should look to skate other big bugs throughout the Summer as most big flies will skitter and skoot on the river's surface.


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