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Trout Spey Courses

"Red's Fly Shop is the Perfect Trout Spey Destination."

Trout Spey Courses at Red's

There are few places better than Red's Fly Shop in the Yakima Canyon to get introduced and coached on the nuances of fishing with spey gear for trout. Our location and approach to practical instruction makes for an efficient and fun filled outing on the water. We offer (2) different courses depending on the student's experience level. First is an Introduction to Trout Spey, and then we have Trout Spey Fishalong Courses which get you out there chasing trout.

Trout Spey fishing is fun, effective, and a wonderful way to enjoy a fresh approach to an old sport. Additionally, it's a wonderful way to hone your two-handed casting skills for future trips in pursuit of Steelhead or Salmon.

The main goal here is to help you experience more productive fishing independently of a guide and give you the tools and information necessary to succeed.

Intro to Trout Spey Course

The tackle is technical. Because of this it's critical we introduce you to the rods, lines, and leader construction as a significant part of the lesson before we all jump in the river together. Learning how and why to rig your sink tips, shooting heads, and leaders in a particular fashioned for varying scenarios is critical. Without these skills an angler won't ever have much success.

What we've experienced is that a few words from a friendly expert will accomplish more in a minute than a week's worth of watching YouTube videos. Let us get you on the right track and help save you time, money, and frustration.  

Topics Include:

  • Gear overview
  • Line Setup and Sink Tip Selection
  • Skagit Style Explained
  • 3 Parts to Every Spey Cast
  • Essential Knots
  • Preferred Flies
  • Lots of Casting

Trout Spey Fishalong Course

This is for anglers that have some prior experience spey casting and want side by side coaching from a pro. Our proprietary Fishalong format may utilize one of two options to access the water. Depending on water conditions, angler goals, and river traffic the instructor may lead the course by using road access or by floating in a drift boat. Each experience is unique and most students return in the future for continued coaching.

Side by side mentoring from a pro can shave years off the learning curve. Varying water conditions, instructor styles, weather, and hatches keep things interesting. Since the format is 2:1, this is essentially a private lesson that is catered to meet you at your current abilities and knowledge base.

Fishalong Details:

  • Gear Required (Trout Spey Rod, Reel, Flies, Leader)
  • Instructor will mix 70% Instruction, 30% Fishing to Demonstrate
  • 3+ Hour Course, anglers encouraged to fish longer using new skills
  • Wading Staffs Recommended
  • Felt Soled Boots and/or Studs Recommended
  • Fishing License Required

"With Steelhead numbers in decline I decided to trade my time on the OP for trout on the Yakima. Best decision ever."  

- Mike M, - Tacoma, WA

Deposit and Cancellation Policy

Once a reservation is made we are fully committed to you and have lost the opporuntity to offer the space to other anglers. Cancellations for Fishalong Adventures less than 14 days from the outing will forfeit the course fee or the University Credit used to register. Cancellations more than 14 days from the outing will forfeit 5% of the course fee, University enrolled students can re-book into a later date. Red's Fly Shop has the sole authority to cancel adventures based on conditions.

Cancellations for Casting Classes less than 48 hours from the class will forfeit the course fee or the University Credit used to register. Cancellations more than 48 hours from the Casting Class will forfeit 5% of the course fee, University enrolled students can re-book into a later date.

Tuition payments and course credits are non-refundable and non-transferable.