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FREE Fly Line on Rods $500+ // FREE Dacron Backing on All Reels // FREE Ground Shipping on Orders $75+
Winter Jig Streamer Fishing

Winter Jig Streamer Fishing

I love using my ESN rigs to slither streamers through the rocks, under logs, and in tight spots where swinging a sink-tip over the zone simply won't work. Plus I can make a small streamer so easy to eat for a trout they simply can't pass it up! 

As I've taken this deep dive into tight line or "Euro Style" nymphing (terrible name by the way, it should more properly be called "tight-lining" or the "mono rig"), one thing I've found is there is a stigma associated with tight-liners. Those who can't, simply say "they won't" and the reason is it's too easy and productive. A self-righteous stance from the bobber crowd haha. Ridiculous... yes I agree.  If you are a "dry fly" purist traditional tight line "wet fly" angler I would listen, but a bunch of y'all have a kit bag full of bobbers and Pat's stones ready for work.

If you want to jump into fishing with tight-line rigs and sighters, but are afraid your bobber bro's will make fun of you, start by learning to fish jig streamers.  Nobody can tease you for streamer fishing, it's badass! You can do some crazy stuff with these rigs, and fishing around logs and brush is so much more effective. Plus your little jig streamers can act like a stonefly nymph, leech, or crawfish depending on how you move it. Sliding these flies between rocks, in the cracks between boulders, and tiny pockets that a big streamer simply won't work. It's a super fun way to fish and quite diverse.  

Enjoy the video and gear up.

My Setup Used in This Video:

Suggested Flies

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