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Learn to Skip Cast with an Intentional Tailing Loop

Posted by Joe Rotter on
Learn to Skip Cast with an Intentional Tailing Loop

I sincerely hope a few of you READ this short article in addition to the video. Learning this cast is harder than it looks, apologetically I often take for granted how tough it actually is but you can do it! I had a few other folks try this after I was showing how to do it in the video and they struggled a bit. Here are a few tips, dos, and don'ts to speed things up and get you skipping your fly like a pro!

Tips for Getting This Down Pat

  • Keep your cast as overhand as possible.
  • Go slow. Make sure to go so SLOW that you shank a couple that simply don't extend or complete the skip. Very gently throttle up your effort until the skip becomes complete.
  • Stop the rod almost vertical going forward. Watch the slow motion at the beginning and watch where I stop the rod.

Note the Stopping Point on the Forward Cast in the Image Below

You absolutely need to stop the rod up high so that the fly is encouraged to "lift" the fly back up after skipping.

Featured Rod - Loomis IMX-PRO Creek

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