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Double Nymph Rigs // Emphasis on Euro Nymphing Setups

Posted by Joe Rotter on

We all hate tangles. More flies... more problems is often how the story goes.  As much as I personally love the simplicity of a single nymph, there are times when success pivots on using a...

My Favorite Strike Indicator Rig

Posted by Joe Rotter on

Hinged New Zealand Style Indicator Rig I have modified this rig over the years, but it's basically remained the same for the past 15. I'll take shortcuts to shave time sometimes while I'm rigging up...

How and Why to High Stick Nymph

Posted by Joe Rotter on

High-Sticking is a very common, and intuitive strategy anglers use in waters that have whirlpools, boils, undertows, and a variety of mixed seamlines. We High-Stick to keep our line on or near the surface, and...

Cross Leading Larger Flies // TJ Hooker Nymph Streamer Hybrid Fly

Posted by Joe Rotter on

Last week we reviewed "What Big River Trout Actually Eat" with a video featuring crawfish, stonefly nymphs, and sculpin.  This week we want to teach you a really great way to imitate these critters that live on...

Super Simple Beginner Nymph Setup // Less Tangles and Snags!

Posted by Joe Rotter on

Before you scroll down and click the video, consider these thoughts. Your setup should be a joy to fish and cast, this rig does, and in order for you to get good at drifting and...