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Lessons From Beetle Fishing in Patagonia // Video Series

Posted by Joe Rotter on
Lessons From Beetle Fishing in Patagonia // Video Series

I learned a bunch of things here on my last trip that I think can be employed back home on our home waters. The things you get to see in Patagonia are simply incredible, but in addition the things you learn are too.  Each time I go there I come home with some great tips. Check out the tips below these videos.

Day by Day Takeaways:

  • Day 1 - Patience. 1 Brown Trout, 2 Brown Trout, 3 Brown Trout.... count it out.
  • Day 2 - Throw Your Phone in the River
  • Day 3 - Take the Long Way Around
  • Day 4 - Old School Soft Hackles Kick Ass
  • Day 5 - Chill out. 
  • Day 6 - Simplicity is freedom

Helpful Links:

My Favorite Fly:

Jokingly, I may take 2 dozen of ONLY this fly next year and only fish this pattern in a variety of sizes. While that sounds extreme... it sure would make thing simple.  RIO's Ground Beetle Dry Fly

Cantaria BeetleCantaria Beetle




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