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Dry Fly Casting Strategies for Upstream and Downstream

Posted by Joe Rotter on
Dry Fly Casting Strategies for Upstream and Downstream

Are You Casting Dry Flies Correctly?

Dry fly anglers often struggle to achieve that "perfect presentation" where the fly wanders downstream in perfect harmony with the current.

An upstream cast and a downstream cast are very different, and require different styles and stopping points in order to achieve perfect presentation. While there is certainly more to it than this, this week's tip is a GREAT starting point!

Upstream Casts and Strategies

Anglers should fish upstream when working the near half of the river, and the rod tip should finish low or parallel to the water and immediately engage their stripping hand as the fly floats back toward them.

Downstream Casts and Strategies

Casters need to stop with the rod tip high, and suck the line back to allow the fly to instantly drift drag free rather than coming tight due to a low stopping point.

Summary... upstream stop low, downstream stop high. Start with this simple tip and add a mend or reach cast as necessary.


Featured Setup in Video

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