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DIY Euro Leader // Complete Buildout with Video

Posted by Joe Rotter on
DIY Euro Leader // Complete Buildout with Video

You can easily do better than a factory tied Euro Nymphing Leader. While these are a fine start as you are dipping into the sport, haha, it's easy to build a leader that is more effective and more fun to fish with.  Feel free to deviate as it makes sense to you. 

Leader Length:  12' +/-

I have found that anglers on my guided trips and in my progression Fishalong clinics do best with a leader that is no more than about 2' longer than their rod length.  A thin competition style euro line is very light, thin, and relatively stiff giving you nice connectivity to your nymphs. While a pro-competitve angler may like more mono at the tip, I think there is a balance for the civilian angler that is achieved by keeping the end of the fly line just outside the rod tip.

Basic Leader Formula:

This is not exact science, and I deviate from this build slightly but here is the jist of it.  My most common variation would be running a portion of the sighter (indicator) material as 3X or 4X.  Lighter is always better.

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