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FREE Fly Line on Rods $499+ // FREE Backing & Setup on Reels // FREE Ground Shipping Over $75
TIP OF THE WEEK: When to use MOW hybrid sink tips.

TIP OF THE WEEK: When to use MOW hybrid sink tips.


 There is nothing more frustrating in fishing than when you know where the fish are but can't get to them.  It's the reason some of us have accidentally gone swimming when trying to cross the river (not me... just saying).  Not every fishing run or hole is the same and thus we can't approach it and fish them all the same.  When spey fishing the most important aspect, beside the fly, that we need to change up is our tips.  Many times, we can just change up the sink-rate on our tips but there are plenty of occasions, when we need to switch all together to a floating tip or... a hybrid.

Typically in May, as soon as our trout come off spawn they tend to inhabit boulder fields where they can get cover, food and good oxygen. It is hard to cover a boulder-field with a uniform sink tip as your streamer either gets caught on the boulder or it glides over “the juice” where we want it to drop in. This is where a RIO MOW TIP comes in handy!

The MOW tip(product tagged in video) allows a 5ft sharp angle of your tip to dive into those fishy spots in front and behind boulders. Next time you’re out swinging don’t forget your MOW tip so you can get after those fish lurking in the boulders. Might just find a river monster 😉


EURONYMPHING IS ON FIRE RIGHT NOW.  THE ABSOLUTE BEST TIME TO LEARN. Spring is a great time to learn a new technique.  Euro nymphing Fishalongs will remain on fire and the best way to target fish before the sun goes beyond the ridge in the late afternoon.  Our Intro and Fishalongs will get you dialed in! 


The fish have moved off the spawn and are starting to devour nymphs and dries.  Spring, with the whole season ahead of us, is the BEST time to sign-up for one of our tuition programs and truly learn how to be a self-guided angler.  Our University of Fly Fishing is the most unique, comprehensive fly fishing education available.    

With current flows, now is a perfect time to float the Yakima in a personal watercraft!  You can learn how to best use a PWC in one of our PWC Fishalongs! They are one of my favorite classes to teach!  

  • MAY 31ST           Euronymphing Fishalong
  • MAY 31ST           Yakima River Fishalong
  • June 1st              Fly Fishing 101/201
  • June 2nd             Fly Fishing 301
  • June 4th              Euronymphing Intro and Fishalong
  • June 5th              Trout Spey
  • June 6th              Tributary Fishalong


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