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FREE Fly Line on Rods $500+ // FREE Backing on All Fly Reels // FREE Ground Shipping on Orders $75+

RL Winston Boron III TH - Microspey // Trout Spey

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RL Winston Boron III TH - Microspey // Trout Spey

Spey fishing and casting is one of the fastest growing and most fun ways to fly fish on the planet! Most of know this from the hours or days we spend in pursuit of catching Steelhead on a spey cast and swung fly. There is only one problem with that however... you don't catch enough fish!
Enter the Winston Micro Spey. These rods make spey casting fun and rewarding while targeting a species common enough to give you ample opportunity to perfect your skill.
Think about it. Combining the joy of spey casting with Winston quality AND the accessibility of trout?!!! This is the perfect recipe for unemployment!
Trout spey with small streamers and soft hackle nymphs is incredibly addictive.

The first thing we noticed was that these were definitely "trout rods" and not just light steelhead rods or little spey rods. The overall light mass, full flex feel, and small grips were a nice change from the competition considering we were after 10-18" trout. This is essential if you want to blend the joy of spey style casting with hookups on some spunky trout. 

We threw sinking leaders on the 3 and 4 weight and I really liked the 4 weight the best. It handled up to #8 buggers and streamers which was more than adequate. It turned over a fast sinking polyleader just fine and was a ton of fun to hook fish on. We liked both of the rod weights and felt like the $1,099 price tag was worth it for anglers that want to spend more time spey casting and do it while enjoying the "Winston Vibe". However, if you want "big range" and long casts this isn't the rod series for you. There are more aggressive tapers and heavier duty light spey rods that are better equipped at pitching conehead streamers 80'. If you want to experience THE PURE JOY of trout spey, then this is the rod for you. We simply love casting these rods and the "Winston feel" they captured in these rods is worth a second look. These rods capture both the joy of spey and trout all in one. Well done Winston.


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