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Top 12 Bonefish Flies // Deadly Dozen Assortment

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Let Experts Choose Your Bonefish Flies


We love to catch Bonefish and our crew travels the globe almost every month of the year fishing for these shallow water speedsters.  Our flies represent the best available patterns at any given time, for any given destination.  We'll put together the right mix of sizes, colors, and weights for your destination.

If you are totally new to Bonefish and fishing an entire week, get a minimum of two Deadly Dozens.  For Christmas Island, get 4 Deadly Dozens as the coral is pretty nasty and will result in many lost flies and fish.  

Perhaps you just need a "re-fill" on some of the newest and best patterns.  Feel free to let us know in the order comments if there are particular sizes or colors that you are in need of, and our team will adjust accordingly. Otherwise we'll just pick the very best flies and go that route.


It's critical to have the right weight of flies in addition to the right pattern.  We mix our flies up to offer both weighted eyes and lightweight beadchain eyes. In shallow water nothing spooks a fish faster than dropping a fly with lead eyes on top of it!  Let our expert team set you up with the right stuff.

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