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FREE Fly Line on Rods $500+ // FREE Dacron Backing on All Reels // FREE Ground Shipping on Orders $75+
Upcoming Experiences and Fly Fishing Courses

Upcoming Experiences and Fly Fishing Courses

Flip Flop Water Drop

The big news right now is the Yakima River is dropping into perfect wade fishing shape! By September 10th it will be ideal for summer weather, and fall river flows. Low water makes it easier to physically wade into the river and move around. During the mid summer the Yakima Canyon flows about 4,000 cfs which is very high, swift, and extremely challenging to fish on foot. By mid September the flow will be about 1,500 cfs!  That is less than half the water!  It's perfect for DIY fishing.  

At this time we will ramp up our Yakima River Fishalong trips, Euro Nymphing, and Trout Spey fishing courses. The wading is ideal and we encourage students and enthusiastic anglers to join us. We strongly suggest on planning fishing out here for a few days, weekends, and like ANY spare time you can scrounge up. Totally worth planning a multi-day trip between now and the end of October.

Yakima River Fishalong

This is the "core" of our fall offering. We love this river! Red's is located on the banks of the Yakima River so this is truly our backyard. The problem most anglers face is that the Yakima is a big challenging river. Our Fishalong courses are designed to help you cut this big river down to size and teach you how and where to put your fly for success. Each outing is very different and our instructors react to changing weather, conditions, hatches, and will teach you the strategies necessary for success on THAT day! These are great outings.

Upcoming Dates:

Upper Cle Elum River Fishing Update 

The small stream fishing, especially on the upper Cle Elum is very good right now. This is small ball. Light rods, short casts, small trout, and tons of beauty. We love this fishery. It's a great time to be in the mountains fly fishing trout, picking huckleberries, and having a streamside picnic and some cold beers.

The focus is exclusively dry fly fishing, and we have a few guides available that will do walk 'n wade fishing trips up there and get you squared away.

Small Stream Fishalong Courses

This excursion is fun and productive, especially if you often fish solo. It's a great way to meet a few cool anglers, learn a new fishery, and plenty of new skills. We have an instructor that will lead the group on a wade fishing adventure on a small stream, either in Kittitas County or Yakima County.  Your choice on the county, but typically the group leader will decide what fishery is in the best condition for fishing that particular day. We fish many different places and it's fun to mix things up. 

More Information

Upcoming Dates:

  • Thursday September 1st
  • Saturday September 3rd
  • Tuesday September 6th
  • Friday September 9th
  • Monday September 12th
  • Friday September 16th
  • View All Dates or Book Now

Euro Nymphing Fishalong Courses

Fall is prime time for ESN techniques. As the water drops in the Yakima Canyon, you will be able to walk up close to distinct buckets, drop offs, and ledges.  The trout are somewhat captive, but they are picky. ESN is the perfect technique. If you have a rod and have taken the Intro to Euro Nymphing Course, a Fishalong is your natural progression. If you have not taken the course, but are capable of managing gear and have done some ESN fishing - no problem. Join a Fishalong.

A note about the Fishalong courses, this isn't a "one and done" thing. Conditions, leaders, flies, reading water, weather, season, and the individual instructor will all be a bit different. You'll learn new tricks and tactics each time out. So if you have joined one of these in the past, come back again. We'll keep coaching, you keep casting.

Upcoming Dates: (more dates coming)

  • Tuesday September 6th - Intro to Euro Nymphing (morning)
  • Tuesday September 6th - ESN Fishalong (afternoon)
  • Tuesday September 13th - Intro to Euro Nymphing (morning)
  • Tuesday September 13th - ESN Fishalong (afternoon)  
  • Tuesday September 20th - Intro to Euro Nymphing (morning)
  • Tuesday September 20th - ESN Fishalong (afternoon)  
  • ESN Course Details and Book Online

Trout Spey Casting Classes and Fishalong

Dropping water in the fall will push trout into mid-river runs and away from the shorelines. This makes them much more approachable with a long cast with a two handed spey rod. The casting is fun, efficient, and the strikes can be vicious! Trout spey fishing is essentially swinging streamers on a sinking line and fall is the best time to swing streamers.

We offer (2) different courses depending on the student's experience level. First is an Introduction to Trout Spey, and then we have Trout Spey Fishalong Courses which get you out there chasing trout.

Upcoming Dates:  (more dates coming soon!)

  • Thursday September 8th - Intro to Trout Spey (morning)
  • Thursday September 8th - Trout Spey Fishalong (afternoon)
  • Thursday September 15th - Intro to Trout Spey (morning)
  • Thursday September 15th - Trout Spey Fishalong (afternoon)
  • Thursday September 22nd - Intro to Trout Spey (morning)
  • Thursday September 22nd - Trout Spey Fishalong (afternoon)
  • Trout Spey Course Details and Book Online
  • Spey Casting Lessons (details on simply casting)
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Joe Rotter - July 18, 2022

RE: Small Stream Class. James, you’ll love this class. It’s a nice mix of fishing/teaching on small water. It’s a really nice way to learn a new fishery without burning up gas trying find access or where to park. I am having Dallas reach out to you, or call us at (509) 933-2300 and we’ll get your questions answered. Thanks!

James Daniel Presley - July 15, 2022

I’m interested in the small stream class

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