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2023 Euro Nymphing Rod Buyer's Guide and Reviews

Posted by Joe Rotter on
2023 Euro Nymphing Rod Buyer's Guide and Reviews

I have fished a bunch of Euro rods over the past several years. We are in a unique position here at Red's that we have a Blue Ribbon trout river 210' from our shipping center and warehouse.  We run A LOT of Euro nymph fishing classes here and we've made it our mission to empower DIY anglers with the right intel and tools to be successful without the aid of a guide or a boat. 

Many of the rods in this group review aren't necessarily new, but they will be on the docket for 2023 competing for your attention. As new rods are introduced I'll continue to do reviews, but this is a pretty good summary of what we currently sell and promote here at Red's.

Most of the quality intel is on the video, link over to YouTube directly if you prefer to skip ahead to the model you are most curious about.

Direct Links to Video Reviews About Each Model

 Links to Shop Rods Online

Link to More Articles on Euro Nymphing




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  • Joe Rotter on

    That’s a great review Larry! I’ll put that on the product page and hopefully some other “Joe Schmow” anglers like myself can enjoy effortless and quick cuts and leader adjustments.

  • Larry J. Fankhauser on

    This is a product review. Simms Pro Nipper @ $79.95. I’m just an average ‘joe schmow,’ all my fishing life, I’ve been buying those low to moderate priced nippers. I figured any nipper can cut through monoline….I’m a macho man and if necessary, I can press harder to perform the cut. Then, I purchased this Simms Pro Nipper. It easily cut through the leader-tippet mono like it was butter. With the first cut (nip), with no pressure to speak of, I thought I had missed the monoline and did a double-take. Now, I’m thinking ‘Christ-mas’ gifts to reward my low priced nipper friends, and get them to convert. Thanks for your time.

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