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Wingshooting Mexico

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The first and only photographic book exclusively portraying the best Wingshooting locations and lodges in Mexico. An exclusive journey chasing doves, pigeons, ducks, pheasants and quails, captured and narrated by world renowned hunting writer and photographer Stuart Williams. A must have book, for anyone who is thinking about Wingshooting in Mexico.

"Airboats roared back and forth and up and down, putting great swarms of ducks to flight. A wave of 100 redheads sailed by, then turned and banked against the wind, and settled on the water about 100 yards away. Gradually they swam into the decoys, whereupon the birdboy shouted and put them to flight, and I put down four birds with two shots. Then another wave sailed in well within range, and I put down four -mirabile dictu- with the first shot and one with the second".

Through the images and words of Stuart Williams, Wingshooting Mexico is a unique opportunity for hunters who have not yet traveled to Mexico to become familiar with this extraordinary place. It is also a chance, for those who have already been there, to look back upon one of the most fantastic hunting experiences in the world. Wingshooting Mexico is a 156 page visual survey of the best hunting locations and lodges in this magnificent land "South of the Border." The book will take you on a guided tour of the States of Sinaloa, Tamaulipas, Baja California and Zacatecas. Experience hunts with Mexico's finest Outfitters: Sinalopato, Solimar, Hidalgo Lodge, Angler's Inn, Pichiguila, Dunkin of Tamaulipas, Rancho Ala Blanca, Baja Hunting and Sierra Madre. Stuart Willliams has made over 40 trips to Mexico and now you can be a part of the experience.