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Waterworks Lamson's Guru S series HD Reels // Excellent Spey Reel


Guru S series HD (Heavy Duty) Reels, available in the color Blaze

This reel has a "full frame" design allowing anglers with even the thinnest shooting line to fish without getting the line stuck between the reel and the spool. This style is preferred by anglers using two handed rods where mass weight isn't an issue, but eliminating pull through and issues with thin mono running line is.  We use the 7+ on many trout spey applications, rods 2-5 weight.  For two handed rods 6+ we like the 9+ size reel.

Guru is our very popular, lowest-priced fully machined reel now in its third generation with updated spool geometry for better retrieve rates, open porting to reduce weight and improve line drying and an integrated counter balance for structural stability. Guru sets the standard for CNC machined quality and reliability at a great price. Manufactured in the U.S.A. and assembled in Boise, Idaho.

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