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Trout Spey Flies // Deadly Dozen Custom Fly Selection

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Flies for trout spey fishing should be easy to cast yet effective at imitating squirmy baitfish. Nobody has more trout spey experience than the team here at Red's Fly Shop. Purchase a Deadly Dozen and we'll round up flies that cast well on light two handed rod that represent quality and variety.  We'll do the same job on choosing flies that we would if you were standing in our riverside shop!


For Rainbow trout we like sparsely tied streamers that have a lot of action even on a "dead swing".  The fly must move without aggressive jigs.  For Brown Trout and Char, we like larger flies with some articulation. They are best cast on rod weights #4 - #6, but we'll choose flies that still have some castability to them.  Just let us know where you are headed and our pros will take care of the rest!

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