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Hoh Bo Spey by Solitude // #1 Spey Fly for Steelhead


Hoh Bo Spey Fly - Fly for Steelhead or Salmon

What can we say? Other than this is the #1 spey fly that we fish for Salmon and even KINGS! It is a great pattern. We love the way it casts and the fish seem to eat this. Which is puzzling because it is very thin and does not have a ton of movement in the water. Apparently it does something right because our guides fish this more than any other pattern!

Here is a fly that will add 20' to your current cast if you are using heavy flies. The Hoh Bo Spey is a sparse fly that has enough "body" to attract fish from a distance but is tied in a way that minimizes water holding materials and weight - the result - easy casts that travel to the far bank.

The articulated style maximizes your hook up ratio and this fly works well on winter fish, summer fish, steelhead, Kings, Silvers, and more. It slithers over boulders and bars where other flies tend to hang up. Use it anytime you have to slide the fly over submerged structure.

It was originally tied by legendary spey caster and steelhead fisherman, Charles St. Pierre whom is a good friend of ours.


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