Simms HARDBITE Star Cleats for Vibram Soled Boots - 10 Pack

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Simms Hard Bite Star Cleats for Vibram Soled Wading BootsSimms Star Cleats are the ultimate in river traction, "Spider Man" traction in fact! They are also very easy to take in and out depending on the waters you are fishing and how much traction you desire. The unique design lets them sit low profile so you don't feel like you are walking around on baseball cleats - but at the same time the unique design gives traction superior to anything we have ever seen. Developed specifically for use with Simms StreamTread wading boot soles, the HardBite Star Cleats offer the best stud solution for added stability in difficult wading conditions. Use separately or in combination with Simms' HardBite Studs.Buyer's Guide for Simms Cleats and Studs for your Wading BootsVibram Soles There are several options for Simms Wading Boots and cleats. The most popular is the Simms Hard Bite Star Cleat. This works in unison with the Vibram Streamtred Sole and fits right into the lug pattern. The Simms Hard Bite Star Cleat maintains a nice low profile but will provide a ton of traction once your weight compresses the sole of the boot. The next option for Vibram sole boot owners is the Simms Alumabite Star Cleat. These sit up a bit higher and give you a little more advanced traction. Since aluminum is relatively soft, it delivers fantastic traction. The downside is that they do sit up a bit higher than the Hard Bite Star Cleat so if you walk a long ways outside the river you might get tired of them! You can use a phillip's head screwdriver or a drill with a phillip's head attached to install either of these. All Simms Vibram Soled wading boots come with pilot holes and they are super easy to install. The last option is the Simms Hardbite Stud. This is more of a traditional stud and does quite deliver the traction of the Star Cleats and is more typically reserved for adding to your Simms Wading Sandals which is a sweet concept!Felt SolesIf you have felt soles, the choice is easy. A Simms Hard Bite Stud for your felt sole is the way to go. You can install them with a 1/4" screwdriver and it is super easy to do.Star Cleats Features Specifically shaped to fit between the mini-360 lugs on Simms' StreamTread outsoles Carbide chips welded to each arm of the cleat for added traction and durability Cleat pads create as much surface area as six hardBite Studs 45 Rockwell hardness, zinc plated for corrosion resistance 10 cleats and screws in a puck May be used individually or in combination with HardBite Studs in any pattern that the angler chooses to best fit the wading environment Patent pending Made in USA