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FREE Fly Line on Rods $499+ // FREE Backing & Setup on Reels // FREE Ground Shipping Over $75

Scott G Series // Medium Action Freshwater Rod

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Scott G Series // Medium Action Freshwater Rod


Scott G Series are iconic fly rods. They’re medium action, smooth flexing fly rods treasured by anglers the world over.

Scott introduced the first G rods in 1976, and changed fly fishing by creating the first 9’ 4 weight fly rod. We also introduced the world to the hollow internal ferrule - the most sophisticated way to connect multi-piece fly rods in a smooth and seamless fashion.

In 2006, we introduced the G2 series and modernized medium-action fly rods by making them lighter in hand and increasing their recovery speed.

Now, we bring you the all new G Series. These rods advance medium action fly rods with two innovations. We’ve reinvented the hollow internal ferrule to make it more flexible, stronger, and more than 20% lighter. We’ve also combined our cutting edge fiber and resin systems in the most advanced multi-modulus layups we’ve ever created. New multi-slope tapers were designed to take full advantage of the new materials layups.

The results are rods that help solve one of the toughest challenges in medium action fly rod design – how to create a rod that both bends deeply and remains stable. New G Series rods balance lighter in hand, have much more stability through the middle of the rod for better tracking, and generate higher line speeds. They do all this while retaining the classic flex of your favorite medium action rods.

We’re bringing together presentation and power, so now you can pull hard on 7X tippet AND fish in the wind. The all new G Series. Like no other.

Scott G Series Features:

  • ReAct: ReAct technology combines our X-Core design with a new complex materials and taper system to create a break-through in fast action rod design. Distance, control and accuracy are compromised by waves that vibrate in the rod, even after the cast has been made. Simply making the rod stiffer to stop these vibrations kills feel. ReAct counteracts energy sapping vibrations by speeding the recovery of the blank without the need to stiffen the rod with more material. This puts the feel in fast. And that’s a really good thing.
  • X-Core: Enhanced feel, incredible stability and unequalled performance. X-Core combines the industry’s leading composite technologies with cutting edge design.

    Diameter is proportional to stiffness and strength, and X-Core, or Expanded Core, technology delivers blanks that transmit feel and maintain stability better than any other design approach.

    We use fast taper mandrels with low-mass, thin-walled blanks and proprietary ARC reinforcement to create rods that have stiffness with feel, and stability with sensitivity.

    This design helps the rod come alive in your hands. It’s a superior approach to the slow taper, thick walled designs that deliver stiffness at the expense of feel.
  • Multi Modulus: Fine-tuned flex and recovery.

    Scott pioneered the use of multi modulus fiber lay ups in blank design.

    By varying the fiber tensile modulus along the length of the rod, we’re able to precisely control the stiffness and recovery speed of our blanks.

    The result is a rod that loads and unloads more smoothly.
  • ARC: Advanced Reinforced Carbon reduces torque and increases strength.

    Scott is the leader in carbon blank reinforcements. Our latest ARC technology adds hoop strength to our blanks without adding weight, and counteracts torque that can reduce casting accuracy and line control.
  • Fiberfuse Resin: Our all new FiberFuse enhanced resin system uses new chemistry to create bonds between each graphite fiber that are over 20% stronger than conventional epoxy resins.
  • Recoil: Patented nickel titanium snake guides will never rust, and are made from 'memory metal' so always return to their original shape even after being crushed or bent.
  • Titanium: With the highest strength to weight ratio and corrosion resistance of any metal, our titanium guide frames let you worry about the fishing, and not about the salt.

    When we set out to build the best fly rods, we knew that we had to use the best components. We use guides made from materials chosen for their strength, lightness, and corrosion resistance. Frames are made from pure titanium - 65% lighter than equivalent stainless steel guides, and 100% corrosion resistant. Silicon carbide (SiC) rings are diamond polished to create the smoothest surface of any ceramic material. Just like our frames, SiC is resistant to abrasion, corrosion, and thermal shock.

    Why would you want guides made from anything else?
  • Universal Guides: These new, patented, American made guides from Snake Brand feature radius feet which conform to the blank, have the best corrosion resistance, and even have a self-lubricating finish to shoot line farther.

Model Breakdown

  • 7724 - 7' 7" 2wt 4 Piece: Our favorite small stream rod when we want a little more line speed than glass offers. Great for those windy afternoons in the high country and for pinpoint casts along banks and under cover.
  • 7734 - 7' 7" 3wt 4 Piece: The small stream specialist's graphite rod. This rod will cast a foot of fly line out the tip top for the days you fish the no name fork of the upper east fork of a creek. It will also fish hopper dropper rigs when you fish downstream in the main stem of that river system.
  • 8434 - 8' 4" 3wt 4 Piece: A lovely rod for dries and emergers on mid sized waters. If you need to nymph, this rod will handle hopper dropper rigs and subtle indicators with light nymphs.
  • 8834 - 8' 8" 3wt 4 Piece: Deep loading and progressive but with surprising stability and recovery, this is the perfect rod for long light leaders and micro flies. To the primadonna trout that have seen it all, give us the 883, some 7X and a midge emerger-we'll convince you.
  • 8444 - 8' 4" 4wt 4 Piece: Simply one of our favorite light line fly rods. This do it all rod, seems to capture the perfect balance for most light line fishing applications where feel and accuracy are equally prized. Controlled loops effortless glide off the rod, line speed is high enough for most conditions, and the balance is feather light.
  • 8844 - 8' 8" 4wt 4 Piece: When hatches are reliable and you know you'll get to fish through the cycle with nymphs, emergers, dries and spinners, this is the rod to take to the river. It's a pleasure to cast and fish with small to mid sized flies, long leaders and light tippets. Light in hand, so smooth in loading, and springy with a fish on, this is one of our favorite rods.
  • 9044 - 9' 0" 4wt 4 Piece: A stellar rod for smaller flies, long leaders and light tippets. This rod is light, responsive and accurate. It's full of finesse without being wimpy, and it's powerful enough without ever feeling too fast.
  • 7754 - 7' 7" 5wt 4 Piece: Lovingly called the 'Michigan Mouser' at the shop, we designed this rod to cast bigger flies in tiny waters that hold big fish.
  • 8854 - 8' 8" 5wt 4 Piece: The do it all trout rod in the line up. Hoppers, indicator rigs, or size 20 parachute Adams all fish with ease and grace on this rod. It balance lighter in hand than the 9 footer and is equally versatile.
  • 9054 - 9' 0" 5wt 4 Piece: This rod is sure to be compared to the 885 when considering which G 5 weight to fish. It's almost as light in hand and equally adept at fishing a wide range of fly types and sizes. This rod has the edge when a little more distance is called for, or when your fishing relies heavily on roll casts, single hand speys and long mends. This is an effortless 5 weight.
  • 8864 - 8' 8" 6wt 4 Piece: The Hopper Dropper Special. This rod excels at casting big dries like hoppers and stoneflies, and will handle small to medium sized streamers gracefully.
  • 9064 - 9' 0" 6wt 4 Piece: A superb rod for chucking streamers and big air resistant flies. With slightly lower line speed than today's fast action rods, and the ability to open up the loop shape when desired, this rod makes casting big flies feel effortless and smooth.