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FREE Fly Line on Rods $500+ // FREE Dacron Backing on All Reels // FREE Ground Shipping on Orders $75+

RL Winston AIR TH Spey Rods

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AIR TH (Two Handed) Series

Winston AIR TH

Our new Winston AIR TH rods redefine two-hand casting performance. Utilizing our SuperSilica resin system and Boron technology, these rods are unbelievably light, perfectly balanced, powerful, responsive, and just plain fun to fish.

Featuring a deep loading action with fast recovery rates, AIR TH models are ideal for any steelhead and salmon fishing application. They showcase adaptive and specified grain windows that are ideal for specific two-hand applications. In addition to the dialed grain windows, AIR TH models utilize smaller diameter grips to give anglers more feel and intuition during the cast.

AIR TH rods adjust to any casting style and preference by utilizing several standardized rod lengths across multiple grain windows. In the same way the 9’ rod length became the industry standard for a versatile single hand rod, we’ve dialed in our famous 13’3” lengths in 6, 7, and 8 weight grain windows to specify the perfect rod length across different applications.

Whether anglers prefer sustained anchor, touch and go, traditional, or mid belly techniques, Winston AIR TH rods support infinite casting styles, and offer unrivaled feel and performance across any two-hand casting application.

Winston AIR Two Hand Line Recommendations:

AIR TH 5wt: Anglers needing a crossover rod for trout and light steelhead should consider the 12’ 5weight Air TH. This rod is the perfect summer steelhead rod with dry lines, lighter tips, and poly leaders. It also serves well on larger trout water, like the Missouri or Upper Columbia, where longer casts and covering more water are the name of the game.

5120-4 Line recommendations: Skagit 375 - 400, Scandi +/- 360
5120-4 Tip recommendations: 10 feet of T8, 10’ poly leaders

AIR TH 6wt: Built in 3 different lengths including 11’6”, 12’6”, and the new 13’3” tapers, these 6 weights dial anglers into specific fishing applications. For tight spots and switch fishing, the 11’6” fits the bill. For all-around summer steelhead, the classic 12’6” adds versatility to both Skagit and dry line applications. Finally, the 13’3’ is the perfect winter steelhead rod, that can get smaller flies in the strike zone.

6126-4 Skagit 450 / Scandi +/- 420, 10 feet of T8 – T11, 10’ poly leaders
6133-4 Skagit 425 / Scandi +/- 390, 10 feet of T-11, 10' poly leaders

AIR TH 7wt: Featured in two lengths, a 12’3” for shorter heads and bigger flies, and our classic 13’3” taper, that honestly, does just about everything well. Two different lengths gives anglers of different casting styles the ability to choose the model that fits them best. If one can only own one steelhead rod, these 7 weights will cover a wide range of applications.  The 7133-4 casts great with a 500 grain Skagit Max and 10' T-11 or a 12.5' T-11.  It would easily handle a T-14 in 10' or 12.5' lengths.

7123-4 Skagit 500 - 525 / Scandi +/- 450, 10' T-11, 10' poly leaders 
7133-4 Skagit 500 - 525 / Scandi 450-480, 10' T-11 or T-14, 10' poly leaders

AIR TH 8wt: Designed in 3 unique lengths, these powerful 8 weights appeal to 3 different fishing applications. The 12’3” is ideal for short heads, and dredging big flies in bigger water. The 13’3” gives anglers a longer option without being too long – it’ll lean closer to the more traditional longer Skagit and Scandi lines and cast longer tips. The 14’6” is our traditional long-belly length for fishing greased lines, or longer Scandinavian shooting heads. Capable of shooting huge casts on the biggest rivers, for big anadromous fish.

8133-4 Skagit 550 / Scandi 480 - 510, 10' T-11 or T-14, 10'+ poly leaders
8146-4 Skagit 550 / Scandi 510, 10' T-11 or T-14, 12'+ polyleaders

AIR TH 9wt: A true two-handed cannon that is our most powerful rod in the Air TH line up. Amazingly light and response, the 12’9” 9 harnesses the power to fight the largest anadromous fish. Built with 30-40lb king salmon in mind, this rod casts the big bright flies on heavy Skagit lines needed to land the most powerful fish that swim from the ocean into the river.

9120-4 Skagit 550 - 575 / Scandi 510+, T-11 - T-17, 10' polyleaders