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RIO's Juicy Hopper // Deadly Grasshopper Pattern


Juicy Hopper by RIO // Grasshopper Dry Fly

This fly is functional and realistic. Our guide team was fishing this long before we carried it online or in the shop, in fact, we found this because a guided client came in raving about it and wanted to buy some! What did we do? Ordered a PALLET of them haha!  This fly floats upright, doesn't roll, gets bit, and is quite durable even after catching a dozen trout on it. 

From July 4th to first frost, a good hopper pattern is an absolute must in your box if you fish for trout. RIO's Juicy Hopper has many key design features that make it an excellent summer pattern; the heavy curved hook lowers the center of gravity and help it land (and sit) correctly, the leg color matches the body just like the real insect, and the body markings and properly placed antennae give excellent elements of life and realism. There is enough foam to float a dropper pattern if you desire.