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RIO's Emma's Stonefly // Yellow Sally #16


Emma's Stonefly // Yellow Sally #16

You can start fishing these on most rivers in mid-May and not quit till the snow flies. While its naturally most effective during active Yellow Sally hatches, it's not a one dimensional pattern. It disguises itself as a big Caddis, mini-hopper, and other leggy critters.

Emma's Stone

During big Stonefly hatches  trout can get very particular in what they eat. Over years of studying the flies that work and don’t work, we’ve come up with one that we think you’ll enjoy.  It offers a realistic silhouette, two tone bodies, fluttering wings with the right amount of flash, and flat rubber legs that swim back and forth like the real deal.  Whether you prefer dead drifts, or twitching these bugs, we know you’ll appreciate the results.  Salmonfly (6), Golden stone (8), Skwala (10) and Yellow Sally (16)


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