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RIO's Blade Runner Hopper // Perfect for "Hopper Dropper" Setups


RIO's Blade Runner Grasshopper Pattern

There is no better hopper for a "hopper dropper" rig than the Blade Runner. It seems to prevent tangles, floats consistently rather than laying on its SIDE, and catches fish with or without a nymph below it. The white poly wing is easy to see, helps it float great, and will insure you don't lose track of this fly in mixed light.

The little #14 sizes are excellent in small streams, especially swift water when a fly that floats great is essential.

This bad boy has a wide platform that makes a beautiful splat when hammering grassy banks.  The white poly wing is easy for the angler to see, and the thick, two-tone foam body has plenty of buoyancy to suspend your favorite dropper.

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