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RIO's Baby's Got Bead // Euro Nymph Anchor Fly


Baby's Got Bead Anchor Nymph


  • 4.6mm tungsten bead to sink fast
  • Bunny collar
  • Hot thread collar
  • Barbless hook/tungsten bead

Fishing Story

Anchor flies are often seen as less attractive, heavy nymphs whose sole purpose is to sink other "more attractive" flies on droppers quickly, but RIO's Baby Got Bead offers both weight and a highly enticing pattern all in one. This #12 with a huge 4.6mm bead is designed to get to the bottom in the fastest of currents, and has a tapered body and bunny collar that are very enticing, attractive additions. The color options available in this fly represent larger bugs, like stoneflies, drakes, and October caddis, though we also have a bright rainbow version for stained water conditions.

Design Story

When Euro Nymphing sometimes you just need an anchor fly that will get to the bottom and stay there - even in deep and fast water. Many such "anchor" flies are only used to get down in such waters, and aren't very fishy, so we set out to design an anchor fly that fish would love, and readily eat. With a 4.6 mm tungsten bead, and a fishy, buggy look, this fly does both jobs exceptionally well.