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RIO Suppleflex Trout Leader


RIO Suppleflex Trout Leader

The supple nature of the material gives featherweight presentations and does not impede the natural movement of a fly in the current. These leaders are a perfect choice for the dry fly and soft hackle fly fisher. There are three leader lengths available:

  • 7.5 ft - 6X (3 lb) to 3X (8 lb)
  • 9 ft - 7X (2 lb) to 3X (8 lb)
  • 12 ft - 6X (3 lb) to 3X (8 lb)

Each leader has a hand tied perfection loop in the butt for fast rigging.

Ideal for:

  • Dry Flies
  • Soft Hackles
  • Emergers
  • Small Nymphs

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