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RIO Suppleflex Freshwater Tippet Spools

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RIO Suppleflex Freshwater Tippet Spools EXTREMELY SUPPLE, SOFT NYLON. IDEAL FOR TROUT, SMALL FLIES AND ANYTIME YOU NEED A SUBTLE PRESENTATION.The RIO Suppleflex Tippet is incredibly strong, with excellent knot strength and, as its name suggests, unbelievably soft and supple. A featherweight presentation does not impede the natural movement of a fly in the current. Available in 4X - 7X, the Suppleflex is the perfect choice for the trout angler fishing with smaller flies.UNBELIEVABLY SOFT AND SUPPLEAVAIABLE IN 4X - 7XTHE PERFECT CHOICE FOR THE ANGLER WHO FISHES SMALLER FLIES7x2lbs6x3lbs5x4.7lbs4x6.1lbs

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