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Far Bank Enterprises

RIO Premier Fathom CleanSweep


Fathom CleanSweep // Full Sinking Fly Line with Clear Intermediate Tip

Fathom CleanSweep Sinking Fly Line

A COMPLETE SERIES OF “SWEEP” STYLE SINKING LINES designed for easy distance, with ultra-slick performance

  • Easy casting, fast loading head for minimum false casts and quick distance
  • Hang Marker shows where to fish “The Hang”
  • Multi-density Sweep line for complete depth control
  • Built on a supple core that will not tangle
  • Built with RIO's exceptionally slick, durable SlickCast coating

RIO’s CleanSweep lines are a series of sinking lines built with a clear intermediate front end, seamlessly attached to a faster sinking body section and then to a slower sinking running line. This blend of sink rates results in a deadly fly path through the water, with the line “sweeping” the depths during a retrieve—from the surface, to deep, and back to the surface again—covering a multitude of depths with each cast. Each line has a short, quick-loading head for minimizing the number of false casts, and a Hang Marker that shows anglers when to stop stripping.


  • HangMarker
  • DualTone
  • Front and Back Welded Loop
  • EasyID
  • SlickCast
CleanSweep Slow Sink Rate = 2ips/4ips/1.5ips Clear/Black/Light Aqua
CleanSweep Fast Sink Rate = 4ips/6ips/1.5ips Clear/Black/Dark Aqua