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Rich's Ultimate Bass Worm by Rainy's // Unweighted Slow Sinking


Rich's Ultimate Bass Worm Fly

This fly doesn't act what it looks like, it is CRAZY when stripped.

Our lead guide, Joe Rotter, discovered this pattern when it was given to him as a sample. It sat in his box for 2 years, then one day he needed a lighter weight fly to fish more slowly over a weedy area.  BOOM!  Bass were on this thing.  It has crazy action, unbelievable action actually!  When that yarn gets wet it has a mass to it and a fast strip makes it go whacky much like a Fluke bait in conventional gear! 

It sinks slowly and can be fished slowly and wriggles as it sinks. Most bass take this fly as it sits still and sinks slowly.  It's an absolute killer!

Fish it on a floating line in shallow water, or use a sink tip over deeper submerged structure.