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Red's Fly Shop // Custom Logo Fly Box


8.5" x 11" - This is our largest box- 11" x 8.5"- Slit foam. Made of clarified ABS plastic with stainless hinge. It's a good choice for bulky flies like large nymphs, streamers, bass flies, saltwater/steelhead/salmon flies or for those who prefer to carry one, fully loaded box.

6" x 4" - This is a quality medium sized box of clear ABS plastic - Slit foam. This is a Red's go-to box for most of our fly storage needs. You can really load this box up and know your covered for any hatch, at any time. Great for dries and nymphs.

4.25" x 3" - Our small sized box made of clear ABS plastic - 4.25" x 3" - Slit foam. small but ready to be filled with both dries and nymphs. This is a great "shirt pocket" box, and loaded with some of our hottest flies, would be a killer winter or small stream box.

Pro tip - Often, fly boxes we see are poorly organized. It's a good idea to have several boxes, such as, a lake box, a dries box and a couple of nymph boxes that hold streamers and/or nymphs, etc. You might not need every box, every outing, so having a small stash of boxes keeps what you need, where you need it. When you end up on a lake, you know your lake box has everything you need for a day of successful fishing.

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