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Rainy's Spotlight Dun BWO

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Staton's Spotlight Dun - BWO

The Spotlight Dun is designed to be a more realistic and stealthy variation to your usual parachute mayfly.  Parachutes ride low in the water and typically imitate ovipositing (egg-laying) or spent (dead) mayflies.  As such, this version not only has a slightly bent shank (vertical) to make it appear more etymologically correct as a dead insect on the surface of the water, but has a poly wing tied under the hackle to appear like a spent spinner wing.  The yellow parachute post is also colored up the side to match the hackle to be more camouflaged to weary fish, but could also imitate the upright wing of a dun and, since it is made of foam, it aids in floatation too.

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