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Psychoactive Frog Popper by Rainy's // Bass Popper


J's Psychoactive Frog Popper

The Psychoactive Frog Popper is a large realistic juicy meal ticket painted to be a realistic match to various amphibians.  It is relatively large at 4 inches long, but is very light and easy to cast.  It has a light weight durable foam popper head and synthetic craft fur tail that makes picking it up and putting it down a breeze. 

You could use a 5# rod it’s so light!  The foam head is made of durable 60# density closed-cell Rainy’s foam for optimal buoyancy and durability.  It also has 3 colors of complimentary barred rubber legs coming out each side to give the fly more movement as it is stripped or popped in the water.  This is a great imitation of frogs, salamanders, sliders, and other swimming critters that bass, pike, and even trout cannot avoid the temptation of.   Available in olive with orange belly and green with white belly.